Transforming video in actionable intelligence

Search & Review

Aicuda’s open platform utilizes deep learning algorithms to allow customers to search for specific videos using keywords via an intelligent video search engine. Search and review hours of video in minutes.

Alert & Respond

Aicuda’s open platform alerts and proactive respond to changes in the environment. Object detection and real time notification of critical events to improve incident response time dramatically.

Analyze & Optimize

Aicuda’s open platform provides actionable data to analyze environments and optimize decision making. Smart Cities are optimizing traffic to spur economic growth. Retailers are gaining merchandising intelligence to create the ultimate in-store experience.

VAIDIO Smart Edge Devices

Aicuda Technology VAIDIO smart edge devices are compact micro computers with multiple deep-learning-based analytics functions for intelligent video processing at the edge.


Artificial Intelligence and

Deep learning

Surveillance is a repetitive and mundane task. This may cause performance dips for human beings. Aicuda Technology is developing AI solutions based on deep learning to let the technology do the surveillance for us. 


Video Analytics applications

Aicuda Technology develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of solutions based on intelligent video analytics.


Aicuda VAIDIO Starter Kit

The VAIDIO Starter Kit contains Aicuda’s artificial intelligence video analytics software with the following AI features: Video Search, Face Search & Recognition and intrusion detection. The solution supports all ONVIF IP-based surveillance cameras. Comparable in price with one face recognition camera. Try now!

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Airyn Product Series

Body Worn Cameras

Airyn Intelligent Body Worn Cameras combining multiple devices for service professionals like fireworkers, paramedics, soldiers, police officers, resquers, security guards and factory workers.


Thermal Cameras

Airyn thermal cameras to detect increased body temperature as an important indicator for viral diseases or bacterial infections. For airports, concert halls, elderly homes, entertainment parks, factories, government institutes, hospitals, hotels, mosques, railway stations, restaurants, schools, sport stadiums, supermarkets and theatres.


Artificial Intelligence and body worn cameras

Airyn body worn cameras as artificial intelligence edge device with intelligent face recognition and license plate recognition analytics. Directly connected to Aicuda AIVA cloud appliance to store the video footage on for forensic AI video search.


Artificial Intelligence and Thermal Cameras

Airyn thermal solutions can be easily integrated in surveillance environments that embrace artificial intelligence and deep learning technology.



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