With a large volume of guests flowing in and out, floor personnel in various functions and large sums of money changing hands, a gaming environment is one of the most challenging and complex environments to secure. Casinos need to safeguard their guests and employees, protect their critical assets and strive to gather intelligence to prevent major breaches and fraud while conforming to often strict gaming regulations. Casino security rely on intelligent video surveillance technology to play a key role in helping to achieve these goals.

Highly sensitive areas, cash and key exchanges and critical access points throughout the casino are being monitored by operators on a daily basis. High resolution cameras generating a high image quality under challenging lighting conditions are used to capture every detail. From card symbols to chip colors and from rapid hand movements to transactions between staff and guests.

Intelligent video technology is used to address threats and fraud in real-time. Video footage gives an accurate picture of what occurred at any given time. Failover and redundancy enable optimized viewing and help casinos avoid system failure and downtime.

Aicuda Technology intelligent solutions utilize deep learning algorithms and are designed for uncompromising performance and versatility. Aicuda offers solutions for the most demanding gaming environments. With an ongoing commitment to industry standards like ONVIF and a strong ecosystem partner network Aicuda solutions can be easily integrated into third party systems.