Fall and Crouch

Detect suspicious or concerning behavior such as people/vehicles loitering for more than a certain time period, slipping and falling, illegal parking, and/or people/vehicles moving in the wrong direction in the camera’s field of view with Vaidio’s Abnormality Detection.

Vaidio’s fall detection uses advanced AI to analyze video in real time to accurately identify falls or crouches. Vaidio can alert in seconds when abnormal ground-level positions persist for longer than a set threshold. In any situation where detecting a fall is critical, Vaidio fall detection acts as a vigilant guardian, minimizing false alerts and accelerating response time.

Eliminate the need for manual monitoring, delivering an always on, always accurate automated solution. Ensuring fast real time alerts to falls and accelerates timely incident response.

For hospitals, nursing homes, industrial and retail locations, event venues, hotels, casinos, and more, the ability to quickly and accurately detect falls can be crucial. Reliable fall detection can enhance safety, improve operations, and reduce liability.