Entertainment Security

Video surveillance solutions and intelligent video analytics are important tools for providing safety and security in the entertainment industry. Large venues like sport events and concerts are a major challenge for any organizer. This kind of events often draw large unpredictable crowds. One of the main issues regarding the planning and execution of such events is to ensure the safety of visitors at all times.

It is difficult for a security staff to keep physical watch over an entire event, in

situations where so many people are congregating in one space. Also, events are nowadays all about the total fan experience with parties, street vendors and additional activities and entertainment outside the stadium or concert hall as well. With smart IP video surveillance technology cameras can monitor the entire venue, allowing security staff to respond swiftly to escalations and suspicious activities.

Intelligent video surveillance is used for the assessment of situations, such as crowd congestion, aggression detection, anti-social behavior, illegal ticket or merchandise sales or detecting 

abandon objects, particularly in emergency exits. Search algorithms in intelligent analytics can also help to locate and reunite missing children with their parents.

Aicuda Technology is offering state-of-the-art intelligent IP video surveillance technology based on an open and ONVIF compliant platform. Aicuda products and solutions can be easily integrated with third party security management platforms and access control systems.

Products in view


VAIDIO VSA AI-Based Video Analytics

Video Search for persons and vehicles detection in and outside the stadium or concert hall. Face detection to locate missing children. Crowd detection to monitor large unpredictable crowds and respond swiftly to escalations. Abandon object detection.

VAIDIO PVC AI-Based Video Analytics

People and vehicle counting to assist in crowd and traffic control from and to the stadium or concert hall. Loitering detection to prevent agression, illegal ticket or illegal merchandise sales. Persons falling / crouching detection.

VAIDIO LPR AI-Based Video Analytics

License Plate Recognition for car registration and monitoring outdoor areas of the stadium or concert hall grounds. Capture and recognize vehicle license plates to improve entrance and exit efficiency and safety.