Healthcare Security

Hospitals and healthcare facilities facilitate a high volume of patients, visitors and employees. This kind of environments ask for a high level of security, exceptional access control facilities, sophisticated surveillance systems and a fully integrated intelligent video management solution to manage all security and infrastructure requirements.

Hospitals are among the few institutions that never close, serving their communities 24/7 every day. Taking good care of the people they serve is the main goal of all healthcare professionals and this also goes for the security professionals tasked with guarding the facilities. Protecting patients, visitors, nurses, physicians and hospital staff is the top priority. Hospitals are facing unique security threats nowadays.

Workplace violence has increased in hospital environments. Threats come in many forms: drug-related crimes, gang incidents and patient outbursts. This reality, combined with the ongoing risk of infant abduction cases and terrorist attacks, has forced security professionals to adjust safety procedures as well.

Video monitoring at entrances, hallways, ambulance bays and emergency department waiting areas to prevent violent and criminal acts from occurring. Video surveillance footage is also used to protect against litigation from false claims against nurses, physicians and staff. Advanced smart analytics are also helping to improve security at healthcare facilities. Motion detection can trigger alarms when activity occurs in restricted areas. Facial recognition in combination with access control systems can help ensure ID badges match up with authorized users

before allowing entry into secure areas. A hospital campus must be as open and inviting as a hotel, but as secure as a bank. The nature of their business poses unique security challenges that can leave them susceptible to theft and internal misuse. From sensitive medical records and high-value clinical equipment to medical and pharmaceutical inventories.

Aicuda Technology has a powerful range of intelligent video solutions to address the challenges hospitals an healthcare facilities are facing. All solutions are based on an open and ONVIF compliant platform and can be easily integrated with third party security management platforms and access control systems.

Products in view


VAIDIO VSA AI-Based Video Analytics

Video Search for person detection to protect patients, visitors and hospital staff against violence, infant abduction, false claims and criminal acts. Intrusion detection for restricted areas. Face recognition to allow authorized persons to enter secure areas.

VAIDIO PVC AI-Based Video Analytics

People and vehicle counting to safeguard that hospitals and healthcare facilities are 24/7 easily accessible. Optimizing the infrastructure in and around hospitals is of main importance in case of emergencies. Persons falling or crouching detection.

VAIDIO LPR AI-Based Video Analytics

License Plate Recognition to capture and recognize vehicles license plates from hospital staff for automatic entrance and exit authorization. License plate registration including entrance time recording for post-event investigation.