Bank and Finance Security

Banks and other financial institutions are subject to extremely high requirements regarding video surveillance. In order to properly protect a financial institution with video surveillance a number of areas need to be closely monitored. This can include everything from entrances and exits, ATMs, lobby, counter, bank vault to the whole security center.

Financial institutions are high-stakes targets for criminals. The video surveillance system

can help to deter theft, sabotage, robberies, kidnapping and fraud or provide important images and evidence to law enforcement in a worst case scenario. Intelligent video analytics such as face recognition and recorded transaction information can be used in potential disputes.

Securing the safety of customers, employees and assets is the main reason for financial institutions to invest in security systems. Besides this they are also investing to use technology and intelligence for business decisions and streamline processes aiming to increase customer satisfaction.

Aicuda Technology has a broad range of smart surveillance solutions utilizing deep learning algorithms to alert and proactively respond to changes in the environment. Advanced search techniques help to find specific incidents through terabytes of video in seconds.

Aicuda has a strong ecosystem partner network and is incorporating open standards like ONVIF to easily integrate with third party products.

Products in view


VAIDIO VSA AI-Based Video Analytics

Video Search for person and vehicle detection to properly protect a financial institution against criminals. Face detection can be used in disputes and face recognition to identify VIP customers. Weapon detection in case of a robbery.

VAIDIO PVC AI-Based Video Analytics

People and vehicle counting to collect critical data to optimize the performance of the financial institute. Reverse movement detection to alert if a person is moving in an unexpected direction. Loitering detection to identify suspicious targets.

VAIDIO LPR AI-Based Video Analytics

License Plate Recognition for car registration and monitoring the outdoor area of the financial institute. Capture and recognize vehicle license plates to improve entrance, exit and parking efficiency and safety.