Oil and Gas organizations always seek ways to lower operational risk, boost productivity and ensure workplace safety. Activities are complicated, including oil field construction, drilling, exploration, refinement, storage and transportation of the energy resources.

A country’s oil and gas facilities are an effective terrorist target as these facilities and its services are vital to the economy. Energy-focused organizations have also a number of regulatory procedures to follow related to environmental protection, safety precautions and safe handling of hazardous materials as fuels are flammable and explosive.
Therefore stringent security strategies are necessary to ensure robust protection, effective and efficient response and business continuity.

Smart video surveillance technology is used to monitor the day-to-day operations. It reduces risks related to civil protest, organized crime, piracy and terrorism. It also ensures that workers are following safety protocols and it protects valuable assets. Thermal imaging systems can detect equipment failure. Intelligent analytics technology such as tripwire, intrusion detection and auto tracking recognizes suspicious behavior. Access control mechanisms and license plate recognition are used for a flexible and strict management of vehicles and people.

Oil and Gas sites are often remote and isolated. Assets are spread across large areas and multiple locations. Monitoring all these sites requires an integrated platform for central supervision. Aicuda Technology is offering an extensive range of intelligent surveillance solutions based on AI technology to meet the strict requirements of the oil and gas industry. Aicuda solutions are ONVIF compliant and can be easily integrated with third party security management platforms and access control systems.