New office expansion enables AICUDA Technology to accelerate growth in engineering, professional services and customer support

AICUDA Technology, a globally renowned supplier of versatile video surveillance solutions catering to customers from enterprise to entry level, recently opened a new office in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the local’s diverse high-technology talent pool.

“The decision to expand our presence into Hsinchu City was a logical step,” said Jasper Chiu, Chief Technology Officer of AICUDA Technology. “Hsinchu City is rich with diverse talent from well-known prestigious colleges and universities, as well as top technology companies. We have the opportunity to further expand our capabilities in engineering, professional services and customer support, as well as increase our ability to service current and upcoming markets.”

“With the office opening in Hsinchu City, AICUDA Technology is responding to the growing demand for AI-enabled video analytics solutions and professional services around it, “ said John van den Elzen, Managing Director of AICUDA Technology. “Commercial ties between Taiwan and the Netherlands are strong and we are proud that AICUDA now has a solid presence in Taiwan.

About AICUDA Technology
The AICUDA Vaidio™ AI Vision Platform orchestrates multiple AI video analytics engines to provide higher accuracy and lower total costs across the industry’s broadest array of video analytics. Vaidio solutions are deployed by government organizations, airport and maritime authorities, defense departments, schools and campuses, manufacturing and healthcare facilities and other critical infrastructure organizations across the globe to rapidly detect, track, identify, search, and view thousands of objects and receive real-time notifications of critical events. AICUDA’s patented self-learning video analytics software seamlessly integrates with a large variety of 3rd party products. AICUDA sales and engineering teams are strategically located to provide services and support to customers around the world.

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