Bosch Security Systems and AICUDA Technology

The integration of BVMS and Vaidio allows users to receive a broad range of video analytics events in the BVMS operator client.

The Vaidio AI Vision Platform is a ready-to-use AI video analytics tool with pre-trained deep-learning AI models that supports over 20 AI-enabled video analytics such as intrusion detection, license plate recognition, fall, fight, loitering and more. Vaidio software runs pre-loaded on appliances, edge
devices or cloud.

The integration with BVMS is achieved via Vaidio http API and BVMS’ SDK API and enables operators to immediately receive and analyze alerts that are based on video analytics in BVMS. Operators can either be informed via detection notifications or search for specific text data or events in the logbook of the operator client. The comprehensive selection of analytics features from Vaidio, in combination with the powerful BVMS alarm management offers a comprehensive
and efficient video analytics solution for many verticals.



Key features

Quick and efficient integration of Vaidio Alert Porter Plugin into BVMS.

Vaidio server adds a scalable suite of video analytics options to any BVMS system.

Complementary video search capabilities
Identification of events with Vaidio, handling, solving and follow-up of the incident in BVMS.

Option to manage multiple sites centrally.


User interface


About Bosch Security
The Bosch division Security Systems is a leading global supplier of security, safety, and communications products, solutions and services. Protecting lives, buildings and assets is our aim. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range. Bosch Security Systems develops and manufactures in its own plants across the world. 

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About AICUDA Technology
AICUDA Technology is recognized as the leader of advanced video search and intelligent appliance solutions, transforming video into actionable intelligence. Groundbreaking technology and a humble passion to bring new innovations to the people is driving AICUDA to remove the limitations of today’s society. AICUDA develops best of breed artificial intelligence products building on its open software and hardware architecture and utilizing the latest machine learning, deep learning and computer vision technology. The highly innovative advanced appliances and smart edge devices are deployed by top organizations across the globe to rapidly detect, track, identify, search and view thousands of objects and receive real-time notifications of critical events. The patented self-learning video analytics software seamlessly integrate with a large variety of own and 3rd party products. Partnerships are playing a major role in AICUDA’s open video platform strategy. AICUDA maintains an impressive eco environment of partnerships and is a socially and environmentally friendly company. Green is the color in the AICUDA logo and green is in AICUDA’s corporate veins. AICUDA’s highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the regions to provide unparalleled services and support to its customers around the globe.

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