Retail Security

Retail is one of the largest and most diversified sectors that exist, covering a broad range of products from books to music, from footwear to clothing and from electronics to home improvement accessories. There are car dealerships stores, clothes stores, consumer electronic stores, convenience stores, department stores, food & grocery stores, home improvement stores, luxury stores, pharmacies, shopping malls and supermarkets. All this retail stores have their own unique requirements with regard to video surveillance.

Losses in retail operations amount to millions every day. Retailers are using intelligent video surveillance technology to prevent and provide evidence in case of theft, inventory shrinkage and robberies and to uncover employee fraud or deception. But it is not only the security part which benefits from the smart video surveillance.

Intelligent video analytics help retailers to capture more detailed information about their customers and their store operations. Retailers are learning more about their customers. They are able to track the number of visitors in their stores, collect information about the age and gender of

the shoppers and analyze the shopper’s behavior inside the store. They can monitor traffic flow to measure the efficiency of store layouts and study heat map reports to better understand where shoppers congregate. All this information helps the shop owners to improve staff planning and shop layouts and making it easier to take the right business decisions to create the ultimate in-store customer experience.

Whether it is a small grocery store, an exclusive luxury store or a huge shopping mall, Aicuda Technology has a broad portfolio of AI appliances to offer the ideal solution for every situation and budget.

Products in view


VAIDIO VSA AI-Based Video Analytics

Video Search for person detection to prevent and provide evidence in case of theft, fraud, shrinkage and robberies. Face recognition including whitelist for VIP customers and blakclist for thieves. Face detection to determine age and gender.

VAIDIO PVC AI-Based Video Analytics

People counting at the entrance of a shop to determine rush hours and non rush hours. Analyze the shopper’s behavior and monitor the traffic flow with hear mapping to measure the efficiency of store layouts. Queue detection and management.

VAIDIO LPR AI-Based Video Analytics

License Plate Recognition with blacklist and whitelist for vehicle access control. Provide shoppers, employees and shop owners easy access to parking areas. License plate recognition include entrance and exit time recording for post-event investigation.