With the wide spectrum of safety incidents occurring on schools, the need to protect students, teachers, staff, property and monitor school assets has become increasingly important. IP video surveillance technology and smart video analytics are used to avert violence and other threats such as loitering, vandalism, unauthorized visitors, inappropriate behavior and crime perpetrated on school grounds.

Advanced video surveillance solutions in combination with AI technology help control trespassing after hours, record incidents and integrate with access control systems. It helps to monitor common areas such as classrooms, gyms and hallways. Monitor when vehicles drive up. Monitor the area surrounding the school including parking lots, sport fields, sidewalks and other parts of the school grounds.

Smart analytics can help resolve conflicts between students as well as between teachers and students. It can also help monitor exams or important sport events to ensure transparency and prevent cheating.

Thanks to video surveillance in combination with IoT and cloud-based services, students can easily get remote help from peers and tutors even thousands of miles away. With the use of technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence, the problem of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to teaching will be finally solved.

One of the most important thought when securing schools is maintaining an open and supportive environment that is conductive to learning.

Aicuda Technology understands education specific needs and budget constraints. Its broad portfolio with cost effective smart solutions will help to address the challenges educational institutions are facing.