The transport and logistics sector is responsible for storing and transportation of a wide range of products. Protecting the products, personnel and operational activities is crucial as the success of the logistics industry strongly relies on the assumption that all products reach their destination timely, safely and undamaged. Logistics companies not only need to protect expensive and fragile goods from theft and damage in transit but they also have to be able to ensure that human errors, such as picking and loading errors, are fully documented. Most of the time warehouses and logistics facilities are spread over extensive complexes what makes it even more difficult to secure.

Advanced video surveillance technology is used to secure the logistics centers indoors and outdoors 24/7/365, to ensure safety during transportation and to provide valuable video information for management optimization. Aspects related to secure a logistics facility and the goods it stores are perimeter and site intrusion, suspicious behavior, loitering at car parkings, access to sensitive areas, blocked emergency exits, blocked emergency lanes and personnel emergencies. Onboard surveillance on trucks is monitoring all sides of a vehicle to eliminate drivers’ blind spots.

Aicuda Technology has a powerful range of intelligent security solutions to address the challenges the transport and logistics sector is facing. All solutions are based on an open and ONVIF compliant platform and can be easily integrated with third party security management platforms and access control systems.