AICUDA Technology and CloudWalker Streaming Technologies announce new partnership

AICUDA Technology, a leading supplier of versatile surveillance solutions catering to customers from enterprise to entry level, today announced the execution of a distribution agreement with CloudWalker Streaming Technologies, one of the premier value-added distributors in India. CloudWalker will promote AICUDA’s Airyn portfolio of smart edge devices like body worn cameras and thermal cameras to its network of channel partners throughout India.

“AICUDA Technology is a young and innovative manufacturer with a highly versatile solution portfolio and an impressive network of partnerships”, said Jagdish Rajpurohit, founder and CEO of CloudWalker. “CloudWalker is a true solution company and we belief that technology is the key in integrating products and processes into solutions. With the addition of AICUDA’s Airyn smart edge devices we can provide some of the most innovative solutions to the market today. We don’t just supply boxes, we supply complete solutions to our channel partners.”

John van den Elzen, Managing Director of AICUDA Technology said: “CloudWalker has a strong expertise and know-how for solution sales in verticals and we are very excited about the new partnership. CloudWalker’s dedication and value-add approach perfectly fits in our strategy to accelerate the growth in the Indian market. Deploying Airyn smart edge devices with CloudWalker’s high professional services dramatically expands our ability to address the demands of commercial accounts.”


About CloudWalker Streaming Technologies
Established in 2013, CloudWalker is a home-grown tech start-up from India focused on creating cutting-edge solutions to harness the power of internet. CloudWalker invests in business and education solutions. From interactive flat panel displays, wireless meeting room solutions, commercial signages to smart perimeter security control devices. Founded by a team comprising of technologists , marketers & content producers , CloudWalker technologies and products are powered by CloudWalker Streaming Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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About AICUDA Technology
AICUDA Technology is recognized as the leader of advanced video search and intelligent appliance solutions, transforming video into actionable intelligence. Groundbreaking technology and a humble passion to bring new innovations to the people is driving AICUDA to remove the limitations of today’s society. AICUDA develops best of breed artificial intelligence products building on it’s open software and hardware architecture and utilizing the latest machine learning, deep learning and computer vision technology. The highly innovative advanced appliances and smart edge devices are deployed by top organizations across the globe to rapidly detect, track, identify, search and view thousands of objects and receive real-time notifications of critical events. The patented self-learning video analytics software seamlessly integrate with a large variety of own and 3rd party products. Partnerships are playing a major role in AICUDA’s open video platform strategy. AICUDA maintains an impressive eco environment of partnerships and is a socially and environmentally friendly company. Green is the color in the AICUDA logo and green is in AICUDA’s corporate veins. AICUDA’s highly experienced sales and engineering teams are strategically located throughout the regions to provide unparalleled services and support to its customers around the globe.

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