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NVIDIA GTC 2021: Deploying Edge Computing GPU Applications onto the Telco Edge using MobiledgeX [event code: S31533]

Telco edge computing is the natural evolution of the cloud computing transformation. By leveraging data centers within telecom operator networks, developers and independent software vendors can deploy their applications geographically close to their users and minimize network latency and jitter by being on the cellular network path. This opens doors to a wide range of applications such as in AI and virtual/augmented reality, where heavy compute workloads can be offloaded from a mobile device to be processed by a data center-grade GPU with minimal latency. MobiledgeX is creating the platform to simplify the deployment process across mobile network infrastructure around the world. Learn how MobiledgeX and NVIDIA are partnering to enable app developers to run their GPU applications on the telco edge. We’ll include a demo that deploys a Metropolis Intelligent Video Analytics application directly from NVIDIA NGC into the telco edge with the MobiledgeX platform.

“We’re excited to be working with NVIDIA and some of our developer partners like HOLO-LIGHT and AICUDA TECHNOLOGY to deploy applications that demonstrate the advantages of combining NVIDIA technologies leveraging GPUs with #telcoedgecloud infrastructure to help solve #edgecomputing challenges related to GPU off-loading and bandwidth thinning.”