Artificial Intelligence

Airyn thermal solutions can be easily integrated in surveillance environments that embrace artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. Thermal cameras can screen the body temperature of people and identify and isolate infected persons. Smart analytics can detect if persons are wearing personal protective equipment like masks. Intelligent people counting can send out alerts if locations like bars, mosques, movie theaters, restaurants, shops and supermarkets have reached their maximum capacity. AI technology can measure the distance of people to each other and enforce social distancing. Intelligent face recognition technology can help to trace people that have been in contact with infected persons for better viral diseases management.

Body temperature analytics

Body temperature screening to identify persons with a high temperature quickly and isolate them for testing and further observation.

PPE analytics

Enforce persons to wear personal protective equip- ment to limit the spread of viral diseases and send out alerts to warn.

People counting analytics

Count and track the number of people in each location and send out an alert if the maximum capacity has been reached.

Social distancing analytics

Enforce social distancing by measuring the distance of people from each other and send out alerts to ensure public safety.

Face recognition analytics

Viral diseases management using face recognition technology to enable intelligent tracing of infected persons and their contacts.

AIVA actionable fever detection

Aicuda AIVA AI-enabled thermographic analytics integrates with thermal cameras to receive thermographic images of individuals crossing a camera threshold or defined perimeter. AIVA intelligent analytics simultaneously detects people, faces and temperature and can actually enhance the accuracy of the thermal camera hardware. Aicuda AIVA then has the integrated intelligence to process this information. This provides the basis for:

⇒ Fast, accurate real-time alerts

⇒ Temperature logging and contact tracing

⇒ Seamless, automated, multi-factor access control